Subject: Beautiful butterfly or moth?
Location: Bellevue NE
September 8, 2012 7:01 am
This was taken in my son’s garden. It’s an 18’x13’ heart shape dedicated to his heart donor.
We live in Bellevue, Nebraska (Omaha) just one mile from the Missouri River.
Never seen it again.
Signature: Eric Zeitner

Female Orange Sulphur

Dear Eric,
What a marvelous idea for a garden dedication.  Congratulations on your son receiving a donor heart.  This lovely butterfly is a female Sulphur, most likely an Orange Sulphur,
Colias eurytheme, also known as the Alfalfa Sulphur.  Because or the light shining through the wings, the distinctive orange color is visible which is a clue to the species, and the lighter spots in the black wing borders indicates that she is a female.  You can read more about the Orange Sulphur on BugGuide.

Location: Nebraska

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