Subject: Mating Bee Flies/Bee Mimics?
Location: Northeast Florida
September 3, 2012 2:30 pm
I’ve seen these insects in flowers in our yard and assumed they were bees. Today I came across a mating pair and took photos, and after searching here and at BugGuide, I think they may be Bee Flies or Bee Mimics? The one on the right kept trying to fly away, but the one on the left just kept dragging the other one along from place to place.
Signature: Karen in FL

Mating Bee Flies

Hi Karen,
As we frequently do when we need to research or verify some North American bug, we turned to BugGuide where we identified these mating Bee Flies as
Poecilanthrax lucifer.  According to BugGuide, “The larvae feed on the moth larva of members of the family Noctuidae.”

Mating Bee Flies

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Location: Florida

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