Subject: Cucullia caterpillars?
Location: Idledale, Colorado
September 6, 2012 10:23 am
Greetings! One of our park visitors recently shared these photos with us, and asked for help identifying these caterpillars. These photos were taken at a park in the foothills of Colorado, along a riparian corridor. The caterpillars were 2 inches long, and all seemed to be on the purple asters. After doing some research, I think I’ve narrowed it down to Cucullia… could you let me know if that’s correct, and also if you might have any additional information or even a species identification? Many thanks!
Signature: Amanda Peterson, Jefferson County Open Space

Hooded Owlet Moth Caterpillar

Hi Amanda,
We are in perfect agreement with your identification of this very distinctive caterpillar.  This is a Hooded Owlet Caterpillar in the genus
Cucullia, and we believe the species is Cucullia dorsalis, based on the photos posted to BugGuide which lists the range as ” western Rocky Rountains and the Great Basin.”

Hooded Owlet Caterpillars

Location: Colorado

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