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Subject: Invasion of Orange Ants
Location: Young’s Point Ontario N. of Peterborough Ontario
September 4, 2012 3:40 pm
Sept 1 2012, Young’s Point Ont. N. of Peterborough Ont. I beleive a member has recently posted the same insect This happens each year to the date. Weather is always humid with the grass cool and not in sun light. It will last all day into evening. It seems a mass of these ants coming up from the ground. There is also what I will call Gnats, I am not sure if I am correct on this but many of them. They inter-act with the ants. This area is around our septic system. Our grounds are mostly rock and half clay to sandy earth. We have had little rain as with most folks. It is just amazing to see as I said you can put your time to this happening.
Signature: Donna Lynn

Swarming Cornfield Ants

Hi Donna,
Since posting the photo that your first commented upon, we have learned that these are swarming Cornfield Ants or Citronella Ants in the genus
Lasius.  The Cornfield Ants are sexually dimorphic with males being black and females red.  The winged ants are the Alates or reproductive males and females.  A mated female will become the queen of a new colony.  The red ants without the wings are the sterile female workers.  The seasonal appearance makes sense for a mature colony that will produce new Alates each year and they will swarm when weather conditions are right.

Swarming Cornfield Ants


What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Canada

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