Subject: Mating Dance of Orchard Spiders
Location: Near the Maury River in Glasgow, Virginia, Rockbridge County.
September 3, 2012 9:06 am
I took these shots this past summer in a field near Glasgow, Virginia.
I have ID’ed them as stated above.
I saw the female (greenish color) cast off her old exoskeleton earlier that morning.
I spent the better part of several hours watching them go about the business of mating, and took many photographs.
Signature: Georgepat

Mating Orchard Spiders

Hi Georgepat,
Orchard Spiders,
Leucauge venusta, are harmless and beautiful spiders.  Your series of photos documenting the courtship process are quite nice and a wonderful addition to our Bug Love archives.  It should be noted that the coloration is not a clear indication of sex in the Orchard Spider.  The male has the more prominent pedipalps, a pair of extremities that are positioned close to the mandibles, slightly in front of the first pair of true legs.  More information on the Orchard Spider is available on BugGuide.

Mating Orchard Spiders

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Location: Virginia

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