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Subject: Peanut /Lantern bug babies
Location: Drake Bay, Costa rica
August 30, 2012 4:15 pm
Hi Bugman,
My daughter and I found this egg pod while in Drake Bay, Costa Rica last week. We set it on a ledge because we had no idea what it was and in the morning there were babies all over. Thanks to your site , we identified them as Peanut/Lantern bugs. It was really cool to see and we wish we could have seem the mama. BTW…we took the Night Tour with Tracy and John. They were awesome and said to say hello. We got some amazing photos of a walking stick bug crawling on my daughter’s face if you would like me to send, let me know 🙂
Signature: Jennifer and Bella

Hatchling Peanut Headed Bugs

Dear Jennifer and Bella,
Thank you so much for clearing up this mystery.  These hatchlings clearly resemble the adult Peanut Headed Bug and your photograph proved that the unusual egg case we posted earlier this year is in fact that of a Lanternfly or Peanut Headed Bug.

Hatchling Peanut Headed Bugs

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Costa Rica

3 Responses to Hatching Eggs of Peanut Headed Bug in Costa Rica

  1. zi says:

    Dear Jennifer and Bella,

    I’m a Ph.D student in Biology who is interested in the lantern flies. I have never seen the nymphs (the babies) hatching out of the egg case. One question really important scientifically is that, at the moment when the babies got out of the egg, do they already have the head bump? Or do they come out without the head bump and develop it in the first few minutes? I really hope you can help me solve this myth!

    Many many thanks for the great photos!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh hi! I just checked in a few years later :). I believe that the hatchlings were born with head bumps. They were very cute. I still have other photos if you’re interested .
    Jenjen949 @gmail.com

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