Subject: bocce bug
Location: Surrey, British Columbia
August 26, 2012 12:33 am
Thanks for your time… I have description below that I also gave on the bug id request for bug guide.
Surrey, Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
August 25, 2012
Size: 1”, body only 3/8th”
We were playing bocce in the backyard with friends and noticed that when we walked through a bit of grass these flying insects would arise. We honed in on where they were coming from and noticed that they were crawling out of a small hole in the earth scrambling over each other sometimes 4 at a time. We watched for a few minutes then went to the front of the house to wave our friends off. When we returned it appeared that the earth had cracked open and masses of the bugs were crawling out of the ground from numerous holes. They would walk or flop around for a bit before taking flight. The ground they were coming from used to house a large tree (unknown variety) we had the stump ground down several years ago but there are sure to be rotting roots still there… At one point we saw a dragon fly come and eat one of the flying insects. What are these? Wasps? Why so many?
Signature: Henderson

Termite Alates

Hi Henderson,
These are Termite Alates, the reproductive caste that will mate and form new colonies.

Location: Canada

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