Subject: What on earth is this bug?
Location: Midwest United States
August 23, 2012 2:14 pm
I suspect this is a weevil of some sort? It was photographed by a friend of mine in Chicago in August.
Signature: Tara

Large Chestnut Weevil

Hi Tara,
This is one of the Nut and Acorn Weevils in the genus
Curculio, and we suspect it is the Large Chestnut Weevil, Curculio proboscideus, based on the photos posted to BugGuide which states:  “Females chew holes through the bur and into the nut to make a suitable place in which to lay eggs. Each female lays about 25 eggs which hatch in about one week. Larvae feed 6 to 10 weeks then chew their way out of fallen nuts and enter the ground where they spend the winter and spring. Larvae pupate in late spring and early summer. Adults begin to appear about the first of August.”

Location: Illinois

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