Subject: 2 colors of mating ambush bugs
Location: Tonasket, WA
August 18, 2012 11:51 pm
Thanks to your awesome site, I was able to ID this couple quickly, even on dial-up! They must have really really good eyesight because they kept hiding in the Joe-Pye Weed every time I got them in my viewfinder. My husband took one look at the pictures and said, ” Look at the forearms, they have to be some sort of predator!”
Signature: Cathy

Mating Ambush Bugs

Hi Cathy,
We have two possible explanations for the discrepancy between the colors of these mating Ambush Bugs.  Ambush Bugs are masters of camouflage and they often match the colors of their surroundings.  Hemipterans are often much lighter in color just after metamorphosis.  It is possible the female just completed metamorphosis to an adult and her coloration has still not darkened.  Your photos are a wonderful addition to our Bug Love tag.

Mating Ambush Bugs

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Location: Washington

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