Subject: Rare beetle found on Puerto Rico
Location: Puerto Rico
August 14, 2012 8:54 pm
Hi, my mom found a beetle and we both are curious to know which one is it and if it’s normal to be in this area. I search the web and found one similiar, the Strategus antaeus but i’m not sure if it’s correct.
Signature: Papo

Ox Beetle

Dear Papo,
WE agree that this sure appears to be one of the Ox Beetles in the genus
Strategus, but our initial searching has not produced any information if Strategus antaeus is found in Puerto Rico or if any related species can be found there.  There is a photo of a mounted collection with no identification information on the Bugging Out in Puerto Rico Page that appears to include this species.  We would put our money on Strategus aloeus, which BugGuide lists as ranging from:  “Arizona into southeastern United States. Also southward into South America.”  We could not find mention of Puerto Rico in this online articleBackyard Nature indicates:  “the Rhinoceros Beetle, STRATEGUS ALOEUS, distributed from Arizona to Georgia and Puerto Rico south to Brazil — just about all the Americas’ hot lowlands.”

Location: Puerto Rico

3 Responses to Ox Beetle from Puerto Rico

  1. Jose R, Medina says:

    Strategus oblongus (male)- Puerto Rico and Hispaniola- “Escarabajo Rinoceronte” (Puertorican Rhino Beetle)

  2. Mayra says:

    Omg both times I visited my mother in PR last year, I had this very same type of beetle hit me on the side of my head, while sitting on her porch. Both times I freaked out and both times I slapped it away and it hit the ground. They were roughly 3” wide. That’s right I said wide.

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