Subject: Annual Cicada in molt.
Location: Levittown pa
August 13, 2012 9:13 am
Noticed you have plenty of pictures of Cicadas post molt, I thought I’d add a few during molt. I have a bunch, but your website won’t cooperate with me.
Signature: Jen k

Cicada Metamorphosis

Hi Jen,
Cicadas are one of our Top 10 insect identification requests and submissions, whether they be adult Annual Cicadas, Periodical Cicadas, Australian Cicadas (which arrive during northern hemisphere winter), Metamorphosing Cicadas, Cicadas as prey to Cicada KillersCicada Nymphs or Cicada Exuviae.  Adult Cicadas are often mistaken for extremely large flies by folks who don’t know much about insects.  Thank you for your lovely submission.

Location: Pennsylvania

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