Subject: Is this a baby praying mantis?
Location: Kingston, New York
August 10, 2012 5:01 pm
HI- My father found a whole bunch of these bugs nesting in his 2nd story windows. They are in 3 different windows always on the north side. IF they are baby praying Mantis– what should we do with them? Thank you!
Signature: Maria Juliano

Tree Cricket found in a Nest

Hi Maria,
This is a Tree Cricket, not a young Preying Mantis, and it is an adult.  Neither Tree Crickets nor Preying Mantids make a nest for their young.  We suspect your father discovered the nest of a Grass Carrying Wasp.  A female Grass Carrying Wasp makes a nest of grass, often in the tracks of windows, and she provisions the nest with Tree Crickets or other Orthopterans so her brood of larvae that cannot catch food for themselves will have a fresh food supply.  Many wasps provide for young in this manner, and the sting of these wasps has evolved to deliver just enough venom to paralyze the species that the wasp preys upon.  Paralyzing rather than killing the prey ensures that the prey will remain a fresh food source for the larvae instead of drying out.   See BugGuide for additional information on Grass Carrying Wasps.

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Location: New York

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  1. Patriciaa says:

    I use to just have one or two windows, today, I had these little green ugly kadydids in straw in bedroom windows only one side, north windows and even in my kitchen window, dinning room and living room, they are everywhere. I did notice so many crickets this year while gardening. I just get a kitchen knife clean out the window side pane and kill them. How to get rid of them permanently. I hate these critters, they (some) of them turned into magots . ( ugh)

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