Subject: Black & White Bug with Orange Border
Location: West central Florida
August 8, 2012 10:04 pm
Greetings and thank you so much for helping to identify this bug I found hanging out near the porch light tonight. He’s a little over an inch long and lives in west central Florida. I was thinking maybe seed bug but couldn’t find a match on the site. What do you think?
Signature: Emmy

Assassin Bug: Microtomus purcis

Hi Emmy,
This is an Assassin Bug, not a Seed Bug.  There are many Seed Bugs with color patterns similar to your species, and the coloration and markings are very unique for an Assassin Bug, so your error is very understandable.  This boldly colored Assassin Bug, which has no species specific common name, is
Microtomus purcis and you can see other nice photographs of this species on BugGuide which states:  “Beneficial predator of insects but can inflict painful bite on humans.”  That statement applies to many other Assassin Bugs as well.

Location: Florida

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