Female Monarch discovers butterfly garden!!!
Location:  Mount Washington, Los Angeles, CA
August 6, 2012
Yesterday, late morning, while trying to leave for work, Daniel noticed this female Monarch Butterfly sailing around the area where the native Narrow Leaved Milkweed was planted.  Seems the girl was more interested in nectaring from the Buddleia than in settling on the milkweed.  Daniel managed to get a few photos before it got too late.  He will be inspecting the milkweed and hoping there is an egg or two to be found.


April 22, 2014
Hello Daniel,
Very interesting!  Attached is a PDF I found online, and I’ve been using it to name the butterflies I’ve been photographing. That’s where II found the name “Brown Commodore” on page 80. I was unaware of the other resources, but they seem more in-depth. Thanks for passing that along
Given your passion for bugs, I wonder if you’ve ever been to the Monarch Sanctuaries in Mexico (Michoacan). I’m very passionate about the Monarchs and used to volunteer at Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz (an overwintering site for Monarchs). We visited Michoacan last year while living in Mexico (there’s a post called Mariposas Monarcas), and it is heavenly. While we were there, we met Lincoln Brower, a leading authority on the Monarchs. He just happened to be doing research while we were there – amazing! He talked to us about the decline of the Monarchs – the usual suspects: deforestation (habitat destruction) due to logging (legal and illegal) and of course, human activity like people spraying their gardens (Roundup and other products by agrochemical companies with Monsanto being the most evil IMO) or pulling milkweed. Monarchs only lay eggs on milkweed (she will die looking for it), so the world needs to know that we need more milkweed. Healthy milkweed. And no more toxic spraying in the gardens. It’s not only killing Monarchs who nectar on other flowers but other insects. They’re all vital!

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Location: California

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