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Subject: Grape Vine Beetle or Female Hercules?
Location: Long Island, NY
August 4, 2012 3:49 am
I’ve been looking to identify this beetle that was on our screen the other night. But I’ve noticed a similarity between the two beetles mentioned in my subject line. Curiosity being what it is, I just was hoping you’d be able to identify which one it is. We live on Long Island, NY.
I’ve seen some like this before, as well as several times have seen a male Hercules, found one floating in our pool just last month. But we also have lots of woods and even grape vines (don’t know how literal the name Grape Vine Beetle is). (Should note, I had a hard time getting a decent picture with the flash on my phone, the last one attached is closer to the true coloring).
Signature: Metz

Grapevine Beetle

Hi Metz,
The six spots on the outer edges of the elytra identify the Grapevine Beetle.  The markings on the female Hercules Beetle are much less regular and the Hercules Beetles are considerably larger than Grapevine Beetles.

Thank you very much!  🙂  I had a feeling but wanted to be sure.  I’ve put a plug in for your site to my family and friends on Facebook!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: New York

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