rwandan dragonfly at lake kivu 2
location:  Lake Kivu, Rwanda, Africa
August 3, 2012
hi daniel, can you determine the species of this colorful insect? thanks! clare.

Magenta Dragonfly from Rwanda

Hi Clare,
Your photo is lovely as is this magenta Dragonfly.  Sadly, we cannot seem to locate our copy of the Field Guide to Rwandan Dragonflies on the book shelf.  That was a joke.  We often have tremendous difficulty distinguishing our numerous North American species from one another since so many species resemble one another.  We couldn’t find any color matches on Grag Lasley’s African Dragonflies and Damselflies Index.  There are nearly 5000 photos posted to Africa Dragonfly and 908 species are listed and classified, but we cannot envision having enough time to click through them all.  We typed dragonfly and Africa into a search engine and we were surprised to find a close visual match, but alas, it led us to a Texas website with an online article entitled Aerial Acrobats, but there is no information on the species in the photo, or even a location where the photo was taken, though the Dragonflies in the show are supposed to be Texas species.  We are sorry that we cannot offer anything more concrete.

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Location: Africa

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