Location:  Mount Washington, Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, 2 August, 2012
We first noticed one of these 1 1/4 inch long Cerambycids last weekend when Loredana came to dinner and we made homemade ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta, in a butter sage sauce.
  There was no time to take a photo and Loredana was a bit freaked out when we picked up the lovely Bycid that was attracted to the porch light.  Then last night, another was spotted on the wooden door and it was captured for a few photos.  The beetle was carried on Daniel’s wrist to the porch light to improve the exposure.  We have posted photos of this unknown Mount Washington Bycid once before in 2007.  It appears that may be a female of the same species owing to the shorter antennae.  We don’t know what species this is, so we are going to contact Doug Yanega at UC Riverside for his opinion.

Male Longhorned Borer Beetle

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Location: California

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