Subject: Windowsill visitor
Location: Wainwright Alberta
August 3, 2012 12:28 pm
This moth spent the day on my windowsill. I have never seen one with this pattern before and because it was gone this morning i suspect it is a nocturnal moth. He was on my sill from at least 4pm-11pm. I’d love to know the name of such a beautiful individual. sorry the picture is a little unclear my phone was the only thing that would focus on him.
Signature: Jessica

Horned Spanworm Moth

Hi Jessica,
Our eyes are blurry right now after browsing through countless Geometridae pages on BugGuide before identifying this Horned Spanworm Moth,
Nematocampa resistaria.  Both Horned Spanworm and Filament Bearer are names for the unusual caterpillar of this species.  We have several photos in our archive of the caterpillars, but this is our first image of the lovely adult moth. 

Thank you very much! Glad to have helped

Location: Canada

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