Subject: Giant wierd bug
Location: Grantham, NH
August 1, 2012 8:11 pm
Found this on our fake turtle. The bug was about 1 inch long. It was scary looking. What is it? It died a day later.
Signature: Tony

Dogday Harvestfly

Hi Tony,
This hitchhiker is a Cicada in the genus
Tibicen.  We believe it is the Dogday Cicada or Dogday Harvestfly, Tibicen canicularis, based on comparing the markings on the head and thorax with this image on BugGuide.  If you would like some very detailed and specific information, turn to BugGuide.  The loud grinding call of the Dogday Harvestfly is a common summer sound throughout much of its range.

Dogday Harvestfly


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Location: New Hampshire

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