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Subject: Diadasia enavata perhaps?
Location: Northern CO mountains/foothills, ~8100 feet
August 1, 2012 10:57 am
That’s my best guess. Can’t find much on size or range, but this guy seems a bit big (about honeybee size) for that species. Also, don’t know if he’s supposed to be here.
Signature: Thanks! Matt B

What’s That Bee?

Hi Matt,
Based on images posted to BugGuide, this could well be
Diadasia enavata, but we cannot be certain.  We will post your letter and photos and perhaps someone with more knowledge of Solitary Bees will be able to assist in a species identification or confirmation.  Your photos are quite nice.

Which Bee is it???

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Colorado

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  1. Curious Girl says:

    Cannot say I am an expert but the ID seems to be correct and such a cool bee! These are also called ground or digger bees because they nest in the ground but they are also considered a “Sunflower Bee” or even “Sunflower Chimney Bee” because they only visit plants in that family. This is probably a female because of the black eyes and black “bald” spot on her back.

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