Subject: Monochamus whatsis?
Location: Southern Michigan at latitude 41
July 29, 2012 6:54 pm
I took this photo sometime between July 6—11, 2012. I’ve narrowed it down to Monochamus but I can’t find anything that has the reddish markings on the back. I found a picture of Monochamus obtusus that is a similar color, but the shape of that was more shovel-like. Can you help me identify this one?
Signature: Anna

Red Oak Borer

Hi Anna,
This beetle has similar markings and coloration to a posting we made about an hour ago of a Cerambycid we thought might be in the genus
Goes.  Your photo should make identification much easier since it is a better photo.  There do not appear to be any thoracic spines, which seem to be a characteristic of Goes species, so we are now doubting that identification.  We are also still waiting to hear back from Eric Eaton and Doug Yanega and we also forwarded them your photograph.  Meanwhile, we are going to continue to search.  We believe we have identified this species in the past, but we just cannot place it so we will be browsing BugGuide.

Eric Eaton Makes a Correction:  Red Oak Borer
Wow, great specimen of a male Red Oak Borer, Enaphalodes rufulus:
One of my favorite beetles, but did not know it ranged that far north.  Females have shorter antennae.

Doug Yanega concurs
Enaphalodes rufulus.

Location: Michigan

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