Subject: Huge…wolf spider?
Location: Central California foothills
July 30, 2012 8:33 pm
We came across this ”little thing” while camping this weekend at a lake in central CA. It almost crawled on my brothers foot sitting around the camp. We managed to catch it to show the kids but it had escaped by morning. I think it’s some type of wolf spider but I can’t seem to match it. Any insight? Thanks for your help.
Signature: George

Wolf Spider

Hi George,
This is a beautiful Wolf Spider, and most likely a female, but we are not certain of the species.

Location: California

3 Responses to Wolf Spider

  1. Sandman says:

    It’s a hybrid!
    Could be poisonous!

  2. Mitch Guilderson says:

    I feel quite confident that is Schizocosa mccooki

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