Subject: rhinocerous beetle in delaware?
Location: smyrna de
July 27, 2012 6:58 am
correct? rare?
found dead, obviously
Signature: moliken

Male Eastern Hercules Beetle

Dear moliken,
You are correct that this is a Rhinoceros Beetle, but that name is a general name given to the members in the Scarab subfamily Dynastinae.  The more common name use for your beetle,
Dynastes tityus, is Eastern Hercules Beetle, though Rhinoceros Beetle and Unicorn Beetle are also used according to BugGuide.  Your individual is a male.  Females lack the large horns.  BugGuideincludes Delaware among the states with submissions.  While they are not considered rare, Eastern Hercules Beetles are not especially common and they can be very localized in their distribution.  Larvae depend upon rotting logs to develop within, so they are generally only found near wooded areas.

Male Eastern Hercules Beetle


Location: Delaware

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