Subject: wasp?
Location: Hingham, Massachusetts
July 27, 2012 4:06 pm
This bug has made a home in my walkway to my back door. I am concerned it will sting my curious toddlers. What is it and how do I relocate it?
Signature: Liz

Great Golden Digger Wasp

Hi Liz,
The Great Golden Digger Wasp in your photo is a solitary species that is not aggressive.  This female has dug a nest that she provisions with Katydids to feed her brood.  Solitary Wasps do not produce many offspring.  Those that survive will not emerge from the nest until next spring.  We do not believe this Great Golden Digger Wasp poses any threat to your toddlers and we do not feel there is a need to attempt to relocate her, especially since relocation could probably not be achieved.

Location: Massachusetts

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