Subject: Jumping Spider Identification
Location: Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
July 24, 2012 9:12 pm
Hello Bugman!
I found this little spider while driving out of a Walmart parking lot. As I picked up speed she started to skitter across my windshield! I thought the poor thing would get blown off and run over for sure, so I pulled into another space and went to go put her in a tree or bush or something. But when I saw her dorsal side I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, and snapped a picture of her. As soon as I did that, I looked around and was worried she would get hurt by someone who isn’t as tolerant of the little creatures as I am. So I decided to capture her and bring her to my house, the least I could do is feed her a few times and then let her go to protect my home from more troublesome bugs. At the moment she’s sucking the juice out of a cricket I bought for her, and has full reign of a critter keeper, and meanwhile I’ve been looking and looking online though and can’t quite decide what species she is. I’m thinking a Phidippus species of some kind, but would appreciate a more educated guess!
Thank you so much, I love your website! (Except for the Unnecessary Carnage section, so sad!)
Signature: Jorie C.

Jumping Spider

Hi Jorie,
While we are not completely convinced that your Jumping Spider needed to be rescued, your sensitivity to its possible plight has made us decide to award you the Bug Humanitarian tag on this posting.  We are not certain of the exact species identity for your spider, but we agree that the genus
Phidippus is very likely.  That is a large genus with many similar looking species and many species that are highly variable.  We believe the closest match is the putnami group. 

Jumping Spider

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Location: North Carolina

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