Subject: Gypsy moth pupa has taken-up residence in my geocache!
Location: Boxford State Forest, Massachusetts
July 23, 2012 7:21 pm
I was checking on one of my geocaches and found that this little guy has taken up residence in my caching container. I believe it is a Gypsy Moth Pupa. He has blurred the gps coordinates for the next stage of the cache. So, until he’s done, this stage of the cache is off-limits.
I thought you might find the photo interesting, so here it is.
Roberta 🙂
Signature: Hikingmom

Gypsy Moth Pupa

Hi Roberta,
Thanks for sending us your interesting story and photo.  This might be the first Gypsy Moth Pupa we have posted so we are linking to a BugGuide photograph for comparison.  According to bugGuide, the Gypsy Moth is:  “Native to Eurasia, introduced to North America at Boston, Massachusetts circa 1869 and has been spreading ever since (US Forest Service). Michigan, Pennsylvania, and all states to the north and east of these. Also much of Wisconsin. Also the northern parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Most of West Virginia is included in the insect’s range, as well as parts of Virginia and North Carolina. The United States Forest Service estimates the moth’s range is spreading south and west at a rate of about 21 kilometers per year. In Canada, the Gypsy Moth is present in British Columbia and in much of eastern Canada.” 

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Location: Massachusetts

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