Subject: eastern amberwing dragonfly
Location: Auburn, NJ
July 22, 2012 8:34 am
Hi Bugman,
First saw these hanging out on my pepper plants. I think must be a male Eastern Amberwing dragonfly.
Would you agree?
They are much smaller than some of the other types that frequent my place, and their color really makes them stand out from the crowd. But you gotta love that face!
Signature: Creek Keeper

Eastern Amberwing

Hi Creek Keeper,
We agree with you that this is an Eastern Amberwing,
Perithemis tenera.  The Dragonflies and Damselflies of New Jersey website you cited states:  “Our only small (some might say tiny) amber-winged dragonfly.  Females are superficially similar to Halloween Pennant, Calico Pennant, and Painted Skimmer; all are much larger.”  According to images on BugGuide, there is sexual dimorphism and only the male has the amber wings.

Thanks for confirming.  I’ll look for the females now.  Dragonflies are everywhere I look these days. Had a white tail land on me the other day, not sure who was more surprised.  Today a really tiny one was sort of right up in my face.  Fascinating creatures.

Update with new photo
Oh, and just to return past favors, I’ve added another eastern amber wing, but (maybe?)  this time the female, since her wings not entirely amber like the male one I sent you previous.
going buggy in South Jersey,
Creek Keeper

Eastern Amberwing Female

Location: New Jersey

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