Subject: Clymene Moth
Location: Bradford, NH
July 22, 2012 8:23 am
My husband came across this moth when he was working on our barn. He found it around 8:15 in the morning. Some consider this moth to be spiritual, a cross on it’s back or an image of Jesus on the cross, you decide. One site I stumbled across said, ”If you find this moth your prayers have been answered and where you found it will be protected by angels”. I’m not a religious person but this moth was found one week to the day and time my father passed away.
I love this website. You have so many species of bugs and the site is very informative! Thank you!
Signature: Lee

Clymene Moth

Dear Lee,
There is a long history of various cultures associating moths, but more commonly butterflies, with the notion of rebirth or resurrection because of the metamorphosis process from a dormant pupa to a winged and beautiful imago or adult.  We have no problem with spirituality being associated with insects and we find the complexity of life on our planet to be absolutely divine.  We just finished posting another image of a Clymene Moth that was submitted today as well, but in that image the cruciform pattern was not as apparent as the moth was revealing its peach and black underwings.

Location: New Hampshire

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