Subject: Unique moth for my yard
Location: Winchendon, MA
July 22, 2012 9:16 pm
Hi Bugman,
I thoroughly enjoy the bugs that I see around my yard throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. Moths are one of my favorites, along with dobsonflies, katydids, and the various spiders that populate the area. However, this is a moth that I have not seen before so I would appreciate if you could identify it for me. I see that a person from the neighboring town of Athol recently found a unique moth in her area (I have not seen the tiger moth around my property either!) so here is another beauty that I believe to be unique to our area. Thanks for your services, and it goes without saying that your website is FANTASTIC.
Signature: Mike Fearing

Clymene Moth

Dear Mike,
Thank you for your kind compliment.  This little beauty, the Clymene Moth, is another species of Tiger Moth.  Your photo which shows the underwings as well as the upper wings, is a very nice addition to our archives.
We need to go back through our recent mail because we received an unopened email with Clymene Moth as the subject line and we should consider posting that letter as well.  If we had posted it, you might have been able to self identify your individual.

Location: Massachusetts

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