Subject: Kind of terrifying
Location: Central Minnesota
July 13, 2012 12:28 pm
This insect was saved from a spider’s web outside a home in central Minnesota and lived to tell the tale. July 2012
Signature: Susan

Female Dobsonfly

Hi Susan,
Though we don’t often like to interfere with food chain dramas, we are nonetheless awarding you with a Bug Humanitarian Award Tag for your rescue of this female Dobsonfly from a Spider’s Web, though that deprived a spider of a substantial meal.  The female Dobsonfly might try to bite if she is carelessly handled, but since she has no venom, she is perfectly harmless.  Male Dobsonflies have much more impressive, but not terribly utilitarian mandibles.  Neither male nor female Dobsonflies feed as adults.  They live to mate.  We suspect the mandibles of the male are used somehow for mating purposes, and we would love a photograph that documents that.  The female can use her mandibles to defend herself which is important since she needs to be able to live long enough to lay eggs after mating.

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Location: Minnesota

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