Subject: Creme white orangestriped moth?
Location: Europe Sweden Skolstad
July 12, 2012 8:18 am
Hi there an insect took a rest against the rain and thunder on my windows frame.
I would like to know what it´s called?
Thought it was a bit of masking tape that I´ve forgotten 😉
Signature: David

Swallow-Tailed Moth

Dear David,
This is such a lovely moth that we figured it would be relatively easy to identify, especially since we were quite certain it was classified in the family Geometridae.  We search through numerous images of Swedish and Northern European Moths with no luck, so we turned to the UK Moths website where we learned it is the Swallow-Tailed Moth,
Ourapteryx sambucaria.  Here is what UK Moths states:  “A spectacular species and one of our largest Geometrids, this is however reasonably common in Britain, except for northern Scotland where it is local or absent.  Being strictly nocturnal and having quite a short emergence period in July, it is not often encountered by the non-enthusiast.  The larvae feed on a number of trees and shrubs, but prefer ivy (Hedera helix).”  We then found photos on this Finnish website as well as on Lepidoptera.proGlobal Twitcher lists the Swedish name as Stjertmåler.  At least we believe that is a name.

Location: Sweden

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