Subject: I need bug help!
Location: Long Beach, California
July 12, 2012 8:16 pm
Hello, I went to the beach a couple of days ago and found this strange bug on my beach towel. It surprised me to find such a bug on the sand and trying to find out what it is has been driving me crazy! It just doesn’t seem like the kind of bug that would be near the ocean water. A little help please..
Thanks 🙂
Signature: Vivian

African Painted Bug

Hi Vivian,
Thanks for sending such a large digital file for such a small bug.  We originally cropped the image to show it was resting on the knuckle of a finger, but that reduced the size of the insect, so we cropped tighter.  Knowing that it is a knuckle in the photo is important to understand the scale as this African Painted Bug is quite small.  The African Painted Bug,
Bagrada hilaris, is an invasive exotic species first reported on What’s That Bug in 2009 from a colony we found on our Collard Greens.  Most recently, we have found them feeding on wild mustard in Elyria Canyon Park.  Though we took photos, we have not had a chance to post them yet.  We don’t know why it was at the beach.

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Location: California

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