Subject: weird moth
Location: Athol, Massachusetts
July 11, 2012 7:34 pm
found this moth today in my yard. I’ve lived here for 30+ yrs and never saw one this color before. I found one on the web that identifid it as a Mexican Tiger Moth and they’re from the west but Im in Massachusetts so now Im confused. Mabey you can help.
Signature: Thank You, Danielle

Tiger Moth

Dear Danielle,
Your photo is the third to get posted in the past two days that has a gorgeous moth on a beautiful hand.  It has prompted us to create a new category:  Buggy Accessories.  So readers, vote which is the most beautiful photograph of an insect accessory.  Which would you most like to sport in public?  Post a comment.  Is it this Imperial Moth?  Is it this newly metamorphosed Sphinx Moth?  Is it this Virgin Tiger Moth on Danielle’s hand?

This is a Tiger Moth in the genus, Grammia, and the Virgin Tiger Moth, Grammia virgo, looks close, lives in your area and has a great common name.  See BugGuide for some images and information.  This is such a fun photo to promote National Moth Week.


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Location: Massachusetts

5 Responses to Best Insect Accessory: Tiger Moth

  1. Bugophile says:

    I think I would pick the Tiger moth as it is not as ostentatious as the Imperial or the Sphinx in size. Of the other two, the Sphinx would be easier to coordinate with my wardrobe due to its more neutral colouration… If I could choose ANY it would be the Polyphemus, the colours are varied but subtle. Were I an artist, I can quite imagine rendering a Polyphemus in enameled silver or pewter as a brooch or other accessory.

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for your comment Bugophile. Alas, we have no Polyphemus photos currently in the running for an insect accessory, but we will hunt through our archive to see if we can locate one. This contest was created for our own amusement when we noticed the trend of manicured hands holding large moths that were submitted in the past few days. Here is a nice photo from our archives of a Polyphemus Moth insect accessory.

  2. George Krasle says:

    Since the topic was brooched (heh), let me give a plug for a company I have ordered from that makes respectful insect-jewelry/art of very nice quality, and of some novel subjects:

    • bugman says:

      Thanks George,
      Insect inspired jewelry has been around for quite some time and we are please to see that your company is carrying on the tradition. Daniel still laments the missing art nouveau tuxedo studs and cuff links that disappeared from his possession around 1994. They were made in the shape of flies and had rhinestone eyes and bodies.

  3. Phasmidae says:

    The pattern of the imperial moth inspires me.

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