Subject: Evil Beach Fly in; War against the Photographers
Location: Oregon, OH (near Toledo)
July 10, 2012 8:11 am
G’day Bugman.
I went to the beach today. Not your normal fun-in-the-sun beach. This was the stunning Magee Marsh nature preserve. I took my doggy companion, and we had planned on a nice two hour walk around the beach and the trails to photograph bugs.
Well, after finding that the board walk is off limits to pets (Understandable with all the bird photographers,) and the other path is off limits due to Bald Eagle nesting, we wanted to stick to the beach. However, while I did find plenty of bugs… They were all the same bug. And they were on a mission. Thousands of these bugs were hovering above the sand, and I was hoping they would mind their own business. However, upon my entering the beach, they began relentlassly harassing my dog and I. They’d get in my dogs ears, and were obsessed with trying to get in my face, on my neck, and on my hand. I ran back to my car, and applied my emergency bug spray (deet based) and my dog’s bug spray (not deet based,) which I hate to use but I really wanted to get some photos in and I’m a bit of a pansy. They were completely undeturred.
I’m bad at flies… It looks like maybe a deer fly to me, but since there are very few deer around (rabbits are about the only mammal that hangs out there in any mass) it seemed odd. Any ideas? Were they being territorial/defensive, or did I just look tasty? I did not actually get bit that I am aware of, so I can’t say if they’re a biting fly.
… And I didn’t actually think they were evil. But I do wish I could have explained to them what a long drive I took to get there and how much I’d enjoy if they’d give me some peace 🙂
Signature: Katy

Deer Fly

Hi Katy,
We are sorry to hear your Oregon beach experience was unpleasant.  We agree that this is a Deer Fly, and it very closely resembles
Silvius gigantulus which is pictured on BugGuide.  Additionally, BugGuide has received reports from California and Washington in June and July, so it can be deduced that the species also ranges in Oregon and would appear at the same time of year.  OOPS, we just realized you are in Ohio and the city is Oregon, but the fly still looks correct.  We will see if the genus is represented in Ohio.

Location: Ohio

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