Subject: false bumble bee??
Location: tyler rose garden, texas
July 9, 2012 3:24 pm
found this today at rose garden here at tyler, texas..looks like a bumble bee but it is eating another bee, possibly a real bumble bee..i know bugs pretty well but no idea what this one is..summer..july 9..
Signature: huh??unsure what this means..standard i guess..

Bee Killer with Prey

Dear huh??,
This Robber Fly is a Bee Killer,
Mallophora orcina, which you can verify on bugGuide.  The prey in this photo might be a Honey Bee, but it is difficult to tell for certain.

thanx, i have a photo of a bearded robber fly but the colors on this one totally different….i try to positively identify my photos before posting..again thanx!

Red Footed Cannibalfly

Thanks for sending another photo of a Robber Fly.  In our opinion, this is a Red Footed Cannibalfly, Promachus rufipes, one of the Giant Robber Flies.  You can verify that identification on BugGuide.  These large Robber Flies are very impressive and you do grow them big in Texas.

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Location: Texas

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