Subject: Eggs on Fennel Leaf
Location: Atlanta, GA
July 8, 2012 5:17 pm
These egss were deposited a couple of days ago on a bronze fennel leaf. They are small, about the size of a pin head. Hoping you can help identify. Thanks!
Signature: Amy R

Unknown Eggs

Dear Amy,
Eggs can be very difficult to identify, and though this formation seems distinctive, it does not look familiar to us.  Our best guess is that perhaps they are either a moth or a type of True Bug.  We will continue to research this.

As an update, I’ve attached a picture of some of the hatchlings. Some kind of looper? The picture was taken, today, 07/11/2012.

Eggs on Fennel Hatch into Caterpillars

Thanks Amy,
It seems our first guess, Moth Eggs, was correct.  Also, judging by the way the caterpillars move, they are the hatchlings of a Geometrid Moth, often called Inchworms or Spanworms.  We will see if we can determine what species feeds on fennel.

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Location: Georgia

2 Responses to What's That Clutch of Eggs???

  1. JLPR says:

    I also found those tiny blue eggs on my dill weed. They hatched into tiny inch (millimetre) worms, too. JL Prince Rupert, BC Canada I posted an image of the eggs and worms on ID request. No one has ID them yet, so thanks for this.

  2. Heather says:

    Today is August 14th 2021.
    We had put up very fine bird netting over our outdoor chicken coop and these eggs have been layed all over it I tried spraying it with the hose to remove them with no luck. I guess the lucky part will be when they hatch, our chickens and ducks will have a feeding frenzy.

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