Subject: Wood Boring Beetle
Location: Yucatan, Mexico
July 7, 2012 8:20 pm
Last July in 2011 while traveling through the Yucatan in Mexico we stopped at the pyramids of Chichen Itza and purchased a large hand carved wooden snake.
Fast forward about 6 months and started hearing chomping and clicking sounds coming from inside the snake, a few days later there were several talcum like saw dust powder mounds,but no actual holes, i promptly wrapped the snake in a dozen layers of saran wrap. for the past few weeks i’ve noticed more attempts of the insect trying to bore it’s way out but could not break through the saran wrap.
then upon my weekly inspection i finally saw it today burrowing out of the fang of the snake breaking through the plastic and crawling out, sadly we had to put it down due to not wanting invasive insects taking over! the snake has been re wrapped just incase theres more insects (there are holes dug out the entire length of the snake which is approx. 2ft x 6in.x6in.)…. i really love this carving and would hate to part with it, if theres any information you can provide about what this beetle is and if there there could be more than just one on a feeding frenzy! thanks!
Signature: -stephanie

Longhorned Borer Beetle emerges from carved Mexican snake

Hi Stephanie,
This beetle is in the genus
Eburia and there are quite a few species that are native to the United States.  We cannot be certain of the exact species as the members of the family look very similar.  The Ivory Marked Beetle is probably the most distinctive. We occasionally get reports of beetles emerging from finished wood products or milled lumber many years after they were built, but they are usually members in the Metallic Borer Beetle family Buprestidae.  Your Longhorned Borer is in the family Cerambycidae.  You were probably wise to make sure it did not escape.

Location: Mexico

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