Subject: Mistaken cicada killer
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, US
July 7, 2012 9:02 pm
I live in the Atlanta area and we have seen a host of large bee/wasp/hornet creatures around our house (carpenter bees, cicada killers, asian hornets, etc). When I saw a dead one floating in my dogs’ water bucket, I was interested. I assumed due to it’s size that it was a cicada killer. However, upon further inspection I don’t think it is. The head and mouth (it looks like it has a herbivorous sap-drinking type mouth) seem wrong for a cicada killer or asian hornet. It still has very large size and I often think these things are humming birds flying around until they land. Any idea what it might be? Note: my wife tells me it had been in the bucket for a couple days and i had to wash some algae off it, so I don’t think the green markings are natural and the colors may be somewhat faded.
Signature: Danny G.


Hi Danny,
We were very amused that you mistook this for a Cicada Killer because it is a Cicada, the prey of the Cicada Killer.

That’s too funny. I guess I had a different looking bug in mind for cicadas. Thanks for the help.
Dan Guerrero

Location: Georgia

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