Subject: Digger wasp variant?
Location: Philadelphia, PA suburbs
July 3, 2012 1:20 pm
Hello, I noticed this wasp the other day and was struck by its appearance, as I do not usually see wasps this large except for the occasional cicada killer. I researched it online and as close as I could tell it was a digger wasp, specifically sphex nudus. However, in all the photos I have seen none have the orange antennae like the one in my picture. The wasp was also over an inch long.
Signature: Aaron Trzeciak

Mydas Fly

Hi Aaron,
This is a fly, not a wasp, and it is very easy to mistake a large Mydas Fly for a wasp.  We just posted a photo of another species of Mydas Fly, and your individual is
Mydas tibialis which we identified on BugGuide.

Location: Pennsylvania

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  1. paul young says:

    I was out running this evening in the Pentland Hills in Scotland and I heard this flying bug before I saw it. Loud whirring noise and not dissimilar to some of the pictures posted here, approx 1.3″ long not including its antenna anbd red/black in colour. There were two and I ran like an numpty to get away from them. Could this have been a Midas in our country?

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