Subject: ID of blue butterfly
Location: eastern Ontario – 40km south Ottawa
July 2, 2012 4:16 pm
Your help ID’ing this blue butterfly which was visiting our garden would be much appreciated. About the size of a Monarch.
Signature: Rick

Male Black Swallowtail

Hi Rick,
This is a male Black Swallowtail.  Male Black Swallowtails lack the have more pronounced yellow coloration while female Black Swallowtails have more blue dusting.  The caterpillars are known as carrot worms and they are frequently found on parsley as well.  We just posted a nice series of photos of the Black Swallowtail Caterpillars.

Hi Daniel (Mr. Bugman), thanks so much for your reply.   This is great to know, and we’ll watch for the larval form.    We do have parsley and other some other herbs near the point that photo was taken, perhaps coincidence (and we don’t use chem pesticides).
I had decided that it is really time to start ID’ing the insects that we get, and it is not easy as a neophyte to work successfully through keys.   But a few positive IDs really help, as then I can go backwards through keys with more examples.
Much appreciated.

Location: Canada

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