Subject: Fly/Bee
Location: Eastern Massachusetts
June 29, 2012 6:32 pm
I found this insect on my butterfly bushes. Its wings were always stuck out to the side, never laying across its abdomen (like with most flies and bees). What is it?
Signature: Denny P

Feather Legged Fly

Hi Denny,
This colorfly fly is a Feather Legged Fly in the genus
Trichopoda and you may read more about this fascinating genus on BugGuide.  We believe this may be Trichopoda pennipes based on these BugGuide photos.  Feather Legged Flies are in the Tachinid Fly family and they are important beneficial insects since the larvae are parasitic on Stink Bugs and other Heteropterans that feed on plants.

Location: Massachusetts

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