Subject: A romantic liason between beetles?
Location: Toronto, Ontario
June 27, 2012 9:44 am
Hi Bugman,
I was out walking with my 3-year old daughter Rebecca, and we came across a patch of Wild Carrot plants, sporting many sets of frolicking insects… possibly some kind of long horn beetle? She asked if they were playing ’piggyback’, and not wanting to get into a discussion quite yet about the ’birds and the bee(tles)’, I agreed that they were most certainly having some kind of a good time. Would you know what kind of beetles these might be (a picture of them now appears as the desktop screen on my phone). Thanks! 🙂
Signature: AliA

Mating Common Red Soldier Beetles

Dear AliA,
These mating beetles are Common Red Soldier Beetles,
Rhagonycha fulva, and they are an introduced species from Eurasia that is found in the northern parts of North America.  We are very amused by another common name we found on BugGuide: the Hogweed Bonking Beetle. 

Thanks Daniel – “Bonking” Beetle is very appropriate!

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Location: Canada

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