Subject: Really BIG beetle
Location: Norfolk, MA
June 28, 2012 7:14 am
Hi–I’m attaching a few pictures of a really big beetle we found on a family walk last night. It was walking on the street, then went into the leaves, weeds, tree debris and pine needles on the shoulder. We live in Norfolk, Mass. We caught it in a jar and brought it home, where it captured the attention of both our dog and cat. It’s nearly 2 in. long, and We set it free the next day…We’re new to the area and all of its insects (June bugs, ticks, yuck), but we’re interested to learn what this was.
Thanks a lot.
Signature: Caroline

Broad Necked Root Borer

Hi Caroline,
Summer is the season for large Longhorned Borer Beetles and your individual is a Broad Necked Root Borer,
Prionus laticollis.  You can read more about the Broad Necked Root Borer on BugGuide.

Location: Massachusetts

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  1. nipsey says:

    what a great site. i caught a beetle the other day and was showing a colleague at work that i was going to use this site to ID it….clicked on the beetle page and found the appropriate mugshot right there on the top page: broad necked root borer. my 4 year old was very excited when i got home from work and was able to tell him what it was. tonight i caught a new one single handedly while watering flowers with him and had him run in to get his bug cage….will hopefully ID the newest addition as quickly

    • bugman says:

      Hi Nipsey,
      We love hearing that our website is helpful and it is especially fulfilling to learn that families are using the website together and that young children are gaining an appreciation of the natural world.

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