Subject: Dead leaf moth
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
June 30, 2012 4:13 pm
First of all, thank you for your labor of love in maintaining this site. I don’t visit regularly – just every time I see something unusual and want to learn about it.
I found this moth clinging to the door frame of the house, middle of the afternoon (June 30, 2012) about 12-inches above the ground. The wingspan, side to side, is 2.75 inches. I would suspect it just pupated and is drying its wings, except there is only concrete below – no dirt. It could have crawled there but I don’t see an empty case hanging anywhere.
Camouflage is so good I actually thought it was a dead leaf snagged in a spider web. The seeming appearance of openings and curled texture at the ends of the wings is all done with color shading. Structurally, the wings are flat and smooth.
It is very calm and has not moved when we put a camera within 4 inches of it, a ruler just below to measure, or closed the door. Perhaps an instinctive behavior to avoid attention, or maybe it is nocturnal – waiting for night.
Signature: facinated with nature

Achemon Sphinx

Dear f.i.n.,
Thank you for the compliments on our website.  This lovely moth is an Achemon Sphinx,
Eumorpha achemon.  You can read more about its life history on the Sphingidae of the Americas website.

Location: New Mexico

3 Responses to Achemon Sphinx

  1. Dusty says:

    I found one of these majestic creatures this morning (7/29/2018) in Minot, North Dakota. It startled me. What a beauty!

  2. Jackie duncan says:

    I live in Duncanville, Tx. My daughter said this beautiful moth was on the screen when she came in from shooting pool this morning. It is still there and I think it is another miracle of nature!!!! I love it!?

  3. Deanna Marasch says:

    We found one of these on the light fixture on our front porvh this morning. It is so cool and the dark spots really do make it look like a broken leaf! So cool. In Denver, Colorado

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