Subject: Questionmark caterpillar photos for you
Location: Central MN
June 25, 2012 7:50 am
I see you have only one questionmark caterpillar photo. Here are a couple more.
Unfortunately, a tachinid fly parasitized this caterpillar, so no chrysalyis shots.
Darn it.
Signature: Don J

Questionmark Caterpillar

Hi Don,
Thank you for sending us some additional photos of a Questionmark Caterpillar.  They are greatly appreciated and a fine addition to our archives.  It appears there is netting in one of your photos.  Do you raise caterpillars in captivity?  Do you have a photo of the Tachinid that emerged?

Questionmark Caterpillar

Hi Daniel.
I’m glad you liked the photos.  This caterpillar was on a hackberry tree in our yard, but yes, I did photograph her(?) on netting.  The tachinid that emerged was still in larval form (as was another that came out of a monarch chrysalis at the same time.  The little maggots mad me angry, so I threw them in the woods!  They’re lucky I didn’t just smash them, or use them for fish bait (that thought occured to me too late).
Anyhow, yes, I do raise caterpillars – mostly monarchs, but others when I come across them.  I especially like cecropia and polyphemous moths, but don’t have any yet this season.


Location: Minnesota

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  1. Moses says:

    I would like to submit pictures of a questionmark Caterpillar who would I need to get in contact with?

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