Subject: BUG ID please
Location: Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
June 23, 2012 12:08 pm
I found this bug in a friend’s garden and would be interested to know what it is.
Signature: LL

Yellow Douglas Fir Borer

Dear LL,
We did not recognize your beetle, but we were relatively certain it was a Longhorned Borer Beetle, so we began to search.  Our first hit was the My Garden blog with some nice photos, but alas, no identification.  Continued searching revealed this to be a Yellow Douglas Fir Borer, Centrodera spurca, which we found on BugGuide.  BugGuide has no information on the species, but it is listed along the western coast of North America from British Columbia to California.  The Oregon State University Insect ID Clinicstates:  “This is a common long horned beetle in the west that feeds under the bark of Douglas-fir as a larva. The black spots on the sides of the beetle distinguish it from some of the other species that occur in Oregon .”

Yellow Douglas Fir Borer

Thank you SO much for your quick response – your detailed information and links to sites with pics and more information are very helpful. I know that you provide these responses on a volunteer basis, so thank you again for educating me!
Warm regards
Liesbeth Leatherbarrow

You are welcome.

Hello again – I thought you might be interested to see this other picture that I took of the yellow Douglas fir borer yesterday, showing that, like thousands of other critters, it has great camouflage capabilities in the leaf litter – notice the Douglas fir cone!
Once more, thanks for your help in identifying this very cool-looking beetle

Yellow Douglas Fir Borer

Location: Canada

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