Subject: Insect found in shower
Location: Laredo TX (South Texas)
June 20, 2012 8:49 am
We found this bug in our shower this morning.
Signature: David Menchaca


Hi David,
We are going to surmise that since they can move so rapidly, this Solifugid, which you photographed on some crumbled paper and held, is no longer living.  We are also going to surmise, and please correct us if we are wrong, that it met an untimely death at human hands, so we are tagging it as Unnecessary Carnage.  Though they look quite fearsome, Solifugids are not harmful to humans since they have no venom despite being classed as Arachnids, a class that includes Scorpions and Spiders, both of which are venomous.  Solifugids are beneficial predators that will quickly dispatch and eat any cockroaches or other undesirable insects in the vicinity.  Solifugids are adept hunters and we should be thankful they are small creatures.  If they grew to the size of dogs, we might have something to fear.  In the Middle East where Solifugids grow to about five inches in length, they are known as Camel Spiders.  There are many Camel Spider myths on the internet.

Ed. Note:  We apologize for jumping to conclusions.  We are happy to learn that this Solifugid survived.

We didn’t kill it…it stop moving for a while…but once we took it outside…it started walking away towards plants…thanks for your fast response…and all your information!

Location: Texas

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