A few insects
Location:  Southern Illinois
June 20, 2012  8:05 AM
A few more questions for What’s That Bug.  Two weeks ago while walking I got to see these first two insects in the same patch of sweet peas.  A little help in the ID would be nice.  The other insect is feeding on Poison Hemlock.  The RedBug pic would be R rated I think.
Thank you, JimmyDean

Mating Milkweed Longhorns and Japanese Beetle

Dear JimmyDean,
Please use our standard form each time you submit a new request.  We realize it is easier to just respond to a previous request, but by not using our forms, important fields might be overlooked, like location.  We needed to hunt down your previous posting on our site to ascertain your location as Southern Illinois, provided of course these images were not taken on a road trip.  We are posting your photo of mating Milkweed Longhorns, also called Red Milkweed Beetles or Milkweed Borers.  A Japanese Beetle, an invasive exotic species that has naturalized in the eastern states, is also in the photo.  The plants are not sweet peas but milkweed, and there is a diverse community of insects and other creatures that flourishes around milkweed.  The other milkweed photo is of mating Large Milkweed Bugs and the insect on the poison hemlock is a Soldier Beetle.

I apologize for not using the form.  I was running hard this morning (or was it yesterday?) and forgot.  I will make sure that I go to the form next time. Thanks for the assistance.  Jim

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Location: Illinois

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