Subject: Big Hornet or Wasp?
Location: midsouth region US
June 19, 2012 3:34 pm
I found this flying around in our screenroom. Very big, very impressive. Yea, I killed it. It does have a stinger. I saw it after it was dead. Sorry, just not a fan of stinging wasps or the like (especially in my living space). Thought you might know what it is. Thanks
Signature: Robber Fly Fan

Cicada Killer Carnage

Dear Robber Fly Fan,
We just posted our first Cicada Killer photo of the year and we lamented that we will also start receiving Cicada Killer Carnage photos.  As chance would have it, your photo arrived first, but we started with most recent mail this evening.  To the best of our knowledge, though they are large and frightening, Cicada Killers are not aggressive and we do not get reports of stings despite the vast number of letters we receive each June and July.  We would urge you to try to be more tolerant should you encounter any other Cicada Killers this summer.  They really are magnificent wasps and it is amazing to see them fly with a much larger paralyzed Cicada.

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