Subject: Libellula & Polites Mystic
Location: Niagara, ON
May 30, 2012 2:44 pm
I’ve been able to identify this as a libellula, but haven’t been able to get it down any narrower. He seems to be lacking the brown wingtips of the Widow skimmer you show on your site. I read in a past post that dragonflies aren’t that easy to identify to the species level, but thought I would share this photo as I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. He was a very patient model!
I’m also attaching a photo of what I believe to be either polites peckius (Peck’s Skipper) or polites mystic (Long Dash). This tiny little butterfly and the dragonfly were hanging out together on a sunny afternoon in a patch of wild phlox.
You’re welcome to use one or both photos for your site if you wish.
Signature: Alison

Long Dash Skipper or Peck’s Skipper

Hi Alison,
We are posting your letter with the Long Dash Skipper photo, but we cannot verify for certain if your identification is correct.  We trust that it is.  We will post the Dragonfly at a later date.  Also, we are postdating this to go live on our site during our brief holiday.

Ed. Note:  We have just received a comment from Mona that this is a Peck’s Skipper.  We cannot verify for certain, but in the interest of providing possible identifications, we are linking to the Butterflies and Moths of North America website.

Location: Canada

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    • bugman says:

      Thanks Mona,
      WE are also indicating in the posting that Peck’s Skipper is another identification possibility. Thanks also for providing a link.

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